(Pakej Luar Negara)

RM 1308

Bangkok City Tour. Vsit Honey Bee Farm (compulsory shop) Rattanakosin Island Tour, start from passing the beautiful flower market & China Town and many more..

RM –

Enjoy Samila Beach, visit Replica Dragon and Patung Duyung and many more..

RM 958

Experience “Tiger Cave Temple”, explore Buddha images, giant trees & Temple Pagoda, IG with the Giant Crab and many more..

RM 972

Sightseeing around Phi Phi Lay Island, Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cave & Viking Cave, and many more..

RM 748

Overnight in Krabi. Visit Chicken Island, Tub Island, Poda Island and many more places…

RM 1588

Overnight in Pattaya. Visit Honey Bee Farm, Erawadee Herb Shop and many more..

RM 1322

Special Khantoke dinner with Thai Traditional Lanna Show, visit Hill Trible Village and many more..